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In September 1951, five members of the Tacoma Power Squadron Started an Elementary Piloting Course at Olympic College: Cdr. Ernie Thompson; Dr. Robert Sprenger; Harvey Johnson; Neil Armstrong; and Earl Riebow. Their objective was to form a Squadron in the Bremerton area. Seventy persons were present for the first night at Civic Center (O. C.), the room assigned was too small, so half the class had to use the stage area behind the curtain. After the examination, eleven men became members of Tacoma Power Squadron, that was on 12 December 1951.

During the Spring of 1952, a group of Tacoma Power Squadron members, including Cdr. Cecil Powel, and the members from Bremerton met with District Commander Richard McCann at Olympic College and formed Bremerton Power Squadron. At that meeting, they elected: Maurice L. Wallis, Commander; Weymar A. Rosso, Lt. Commander; Carl G. Nichols, Secretary-Treasurer, and applied for a Charter. 

The Charter, which is dated June 04, 1952, was presented by District Commander Richard McCann at the Installation of Officers on 2 July 1952, at the "Top of the Town" Restaurant, in Bremerton. The following persons becoming Charter Members of Bremerton Power Squadron:
   Arthur Anderson, Owen R, Loftus, Ansel B. Chitty
   Irving L. Munsch, Harold E. Edwards, Edward J. Murphy
   Lawrence E. Foster, Carl G. Nichols, Joseph L. Gates
   Alvin G. Nyhus, C. L. Klieves, Weymar A. Rosso
   Maurice L. Wallis

BSPS CHARTER 1952-06-04.jpg

In 1955-56, we were the 'Parent Squadron' for Agate Pass. Buz Whitely of Poulsbo is the only remaining member of the original Agate Pass group of 12 who broke off from the Bremerton Power Squadron to launch the Agate Pass Squadron in 1956. And his parents had been among the first in the Bremerton Squadron.  It has become a tradition to have a Joint Dinner meeting with them each year (November) with the Host Squadron alternating between the two. 

Note: Today Buz is still an active member of the Cyber Squadron (6404), having transferred there when Agate Pass Dissolved.  Buzz joined the USPS on 4/16/1952, and has accumulated 33 Merit Marks and 70 years of membership.  He became a Senior Member in 1957 and a Life Member in 1977. His official title is (A036450) PC William (Buz) Whitely, JN.

The Bremerton Sail & Power Squadron was incorporated with the Secretary of State of Washington on January 20, 1989; and is a member of District 16 in the State of Washington.

Squadron Burgee Heraldry

Our pennant measures 15 inches on the hoist and 24 inches on the two remaining sides. The field is white in color. Superimposed on the white field is a red diamond. In the diamond is the Hammerhead Crane of Puget Sound Naval Shipyard at Bremerton in black. There are four blue vertical stripes following the red diamond. Members of the squadron believe that the four blue stripes signify the blue stripes on the United States Power Squadron flag. On the two long sides of the burgee is a gold stripe signifying 50 years of service.



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