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Get checked for Coast Guard and State Compliance

The Power Squadron and Coast Guard Auxiliary have teamed up to provide a shared program of no-cost, no-risk, vessel safety inspections. You arrange for an examiner to visit your boat. They will take about a half-hour to review the required and recommended safety equipment and verify compliance with rules about notices and documents.


Safety checks are a public service of the Power Squadrons. We are happy to provide an inspection whether or not you are a member.


If your boat is in spec, which 75% are on the National average, the examiner will apply the distinctive VSC decal indicating approval. This does not exempt you from law enforcement boarding, but your being prepared can make this a more positive encounter.


There are no negative consequences from this inspection -- no citations, no fines -- just a report to you if anything needs to be corrected. Of course, if the problem were found during a Coast Guard boarding instead, the consequences would be different.


Passing the inspection requires complying with a short list of requirements. Download the brochurecheck it yourself, and then arrange for the examiner to confirm it.

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